Gründerfoyer 23/01/13 with Thorsten Rehling from

On 23.01 I attended to a great event hosted by Dresden-Exists. They invited Thorsten Rehling of to speak about his career as an entrepreneur. I want to present some of his learnings here:

  • Think twice! The first solution that comes to your mind might not be the best.
  • “No” means “yet another impuls needed” (Nein = Noch ein Impuls nötig). Thorsten explained how you get around “brick walls” (“No”s) easily when you are just persistent enough. Brick walls are there for a reason: To keep other people out. Those, who do not want a thing badly enough. Please see this awesome speech by Randy Pausch.
  • Another Thorsten quote: “No one knows the market better than the entrepreneur himself”. Do not let investors or BAs fool you. You know shit when it comes to your market.
  • Complexity is a real opportunity. Complex markets or products are sometimes easier to execute. Thorsten founded Germany’s first private mobile telephone network. Quite a complex thing to do.
  • Sales is everything (self-explenatory)
  • Their recruitment strategy was: “Ambition, efficiency and no jerks”. He explained how his team had a great spirit and made 100 times of the sales their biggest competitor did. had a sales team of 10 people. Their competitor had 100 people. So team spirit is quite important.

Oh, nice detail: He did his MBA in the US where he took an entrepreneurship class, met his co-founders and had the idea for his first venture. He was also part of the early Ebay team, directly reporting to the CEO. While still in entrepreneurship class he met Sergey Brin and Larry Page while they pitched their idea of what would later become Google in their class. Holy god!

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