Goal-Setting 2013!

Jeah, I finished this year’s process of goal setting! I made three categories of different aspects of life which are important to me as a person:

  1. Personal life-Goals
  2. Career based-Goals
  3. Social activity-Goals

I then thought of 12 achievable, but hard goals (not necessarily four per category). Then I listed each goal and made a list of what

  • The person I have to be to fulfill my goal, what kind of personality is needed or what mindset it needs to achieve the goal
  • I will be doing achieving this goal, what are the main tasks connected to my goal?
  • I will be having or what do I have to have to achieve the goal

An easy example: As I posted in December dreams have to specific to the utmost degree, I will start like this:

Goal: I want to lose 10 Kilos this year and I want to eat healthy stuff.

  • Be: Willing to play sports 2-3 times a week, take a walk more often (instead of a car/train), getting out of the personal comfort zone (“It is too cold/hot outside to play sports”)
  • Doing: Play sports 2 times a week, read about healthy food and start cooking, count calories and take a one hour walk at least once a week
  • Having: A better understanding and feeling for one own’s body, more self-esteem and I feel more attractive to the opposite sex. Also I will have worked a lot and actually SEE and FEEL the rewards, which is a great thing!

You can do that with nearly every goal. Some are doable within a year, some are not. Set realistic but hard goals! Overachieving feels great, too.

Some productivity goals for:

  • Leechblock: You can block certain websites in Firefox for time-spans and days of your liking. It blocks news sites as well as Facebook from Monday-Saturday from 8-18 for me. This regulated my internet behaviour and made me more productive.
  • HabitForge: It reminds daily via Email of your goals and asks if you succeeded today in achieve your goal. In the example from above it would ask: “Did you eat healthy today and at least took a walk or played sports?”. You can click “Yes” or “No”. 20 “Yes” answers in a row (daily!) will make the goal disappear (because you changed behaviour patterns then). A “No” will set your yes-counter back to 0. Awesome!

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