2013 is coming

As time passes, so do people, wishes, ideas,and goals.

I usually spend the first 2-3 days in a year to determine what I want to have achieved by the end of it. I will not post my goals here, but I will explain HOW I set goals. It is as important as the goals themselves. Oh jeah. A happy new year to everyone.

Setting goals is not hard. I usually follow this routine:

  • What do I want to achieve?
  • Why do I want to achieve this?
  • How can I do this? How can I start?
  • What do I need? What do I have to be?
  • What do I do, if I fail?

These five questions are the basic framework of my yearly goal setting process. The first question is about the WHAT. I am always as specific as I can be. If I wanted to lose weight it is not enough to say “I want to reduce weight”, I would frame it like “I want to reduce my weight by 5 kilos at the end of the year”. Being specific is a good thing.
The WHY is important for one’s perseverance. I always need good reasons to achieve goals (everything good is costly). Be absolutely sure about the true motivation of your goal. If you are not truly motivated you will not achieve anything. Also: This is the toughest question in this framework. It usually takes a lot of time. But the rest of the framework will be answered easisly then.

Example: Say, you would want to lose weight:

  • I want to lose 5 kilos by the end of the year
  • I want to feel better, have more self-esteem and be more attractive to women/men
  • I can start counting calories and stop eating junk food, I will also work out once a week
  • I will need a sport activity that is fun to me (I will check out swimming, running and basketball), I will also have to start cooking healthy foods and be steadfast to avoid sweets (where they are not possible)
  • I will donate 100€ per kilo overweight to a local charity

Be specific: Do not just want to “lose weight”, picture exactly how much. Do not just want “a good paying” job. Imagine a salary. Be clear and specific.

Be realistic. Keep in mind that change needs time and effort. Do not get frustrated by trying changing too much too soon. Everything needs time and so do you.

I will also present some goal-achievment tools here in my next post.

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