Soldering Workshop with Mitch Altman

Hey folks,

on December 19th I had the great opportunitiy to learn some soldering with electronics guru, hacker, hackerspace founder and company founder Mitch Altman. We organized a workshop at the werkstattladen in Dresden with the CCC Dresden and the guys from Turmlabor. It was a great event! As I am not a handy person, I had doubts I could build a kit in the beginning. But I could and it was a lot of fun! I build a TV-B-Gone. It is a LED device which turns all TVs off in Europe and Australia. Oh, and its’ range is about 30-50 meters. Hence it is a very nice, geeky gadget. I love to use it in a mall. It works fine. The next thing I want to do is building a case, but I have no real idea yet.

Take a look at the flickr pictures by Ralf here. Yeah, you can actually see ME soldering there. my tv-b-gone

This is the TV-B-Gone I built. I just took a picture of it.

PS: Please support the werkstadtladen on startnext crowdfunding with their 3-D-Laser-Projects. It is awesome!

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